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Frequently Asked Questions about A.B.C. Fitness Camp, Manchester

Q. I am concerned that I do not feel fit enough to attend a bootcamp.
A. The quick and honest answer is that you have to start somewhere but all levels are welcome and the sessions are designed so that you will be encouraged to push yourself beyond your thresholds and not those of another participant who you would consider to be more experienced and fitter.
The best thing to do is not to procrastinate over whether you are ready or not and take action. If you think about the fitter, leaner individuals and what they are capable of now let me then ask you this question. What position do you imagine they were in when they commenced?

Saying that, you may feel that 1-1 Personal Training would be more appropriate for you to begin with where you will undertake a Kinetic Chain Assessment and be given a very personal bespoke regime that covers your training program and any corrective exercise necessary.

If you feel that you would achieve more with a 1:1 service then see our Personal Training Services across Manchester and Cheshire for more information.

Otherwise our Manchester based Group Personal Training camps are definitely for you and will get dramatic results.

Q. I’m concerned about existing conditions, what should I do
A. Feel free to contact us here if you want to discuss any conditions that you think may affect your ability to take part and we will give an honest answer. On booking, one of the next steps is to complete a form that surveys your readiness for physical activity just as we would with Personal Training clients.

Q. Who attends Manchester Boot Camp?
A. All are welcome to a limit of 20. This is to ensure quality coaching and provide some personal attention in the same fashion as personal training rather than be thought of as a class or circuit training. That is why we can offer a guarantee.

Q. What should I bring?
A. The essentials are to always have a towel and a water bottle. Depending on the time of year and weather you may also want to bring a waterproof/fleece and gloves. Clothing should be loose enough to enable free range of movement.

Q. What if it is raining?
A. See above. Be prepared to bring a waterproof if necessary. Fat loss does not stop because the weather isn’t good. If the conditions are deemed unsafe and impractical then a session will be postponed and added on at a later date. Full details are provided in the reading material on signup

Q. What style of bootcamp is Manchester Boot Camp?
A. We are not ex-marines or wannabe soldiers putting you through drills army style, we are not drill sergeants! We do not shout and scream or get you chanting while you’re running. What we offer is tough but honest coaching with the aim to be challenging and supportive and get you to progress using cutting edge conditioning routines. The systems used are a lot closer to Personal Training, the term Boot Camp is simply used to describe an intense period of training and is not a place where you will be screamed at.

Q. How long is each session?
A. Each session will last 45 minutes and includes a warm-up in preparation for the minute fat burning, performance boosting workout, followed by a cool down. Time will also be made available afterwards for a Q and A discussion on anything regarding your health and fitness whetehr it be nutrition, supplement workouts at home or gym and flexibility and mobility.

Q. What will I be doing?
A. You will be using a unique system that incorporates resistance and cardio to burn fat fast and increase fitness. Methods will vary that will incorporate working as an individual, in pairs and teams.

Q. Where do I find out about dates and locations?
A. Go back to here for information on whereabouts.

Q. How soon will I see results?
A. Depending upon your experience prior to a camp, you may experience more muscle ache during and after completion of the first week. Within 2 weeks you will feel fitter, stronger and have more energy. By 4 weeks you will see a difference in the mirror, on the scales and around your waistline.

Q. What happens if I miss a session?
A. Right now it is in your best interests to attend all the sessions. Results will still be attained but it is obvious that the more you miss, the less likely you are to succeed. In the future, we are looking at the possibility of running a “catch-up” policy but that has not been formalised. Also pay attention to the community site for Manchester Bootcamp which will contain “catch-up” routines that all members can use at home. Remember that you can mix and match AM and PM sessions to further accomodate your lifestyle.

Q. I consider myself to not be overweight but want to get in shape, can I join?
A. Certainly. The principles behind Manchester Bootcamp are to burn fat and not to simply lose weight so in some cases the goal will be to improve on body shape without actually losing weight. That’s not to forget getting fit and performing better in your life. Members range from total newbies to "weekend athletes".

Q. I would like to join but the existing times are not suitable.
A. The current times right now reflect the most popular periods before or after the average working day. Feel free to contact us here if you are interested in another time as we are always interested to understand what our members and prospective members would like.
If we can accommodate, then setting up camps at different times is an option we will always look at. We just have to make sure that there is sufficient interest in that time so it’s always worth mentioning. We may already be looking in it so ask away.

Q. Unfortunately the location is not suitable for me
A. The same response as above. Our other services cover areas of Manchester and Cheshire and so will our camps in the future if the demand and a suitable location is there.

Q. What are the conditions of the guarantee?
A. Just inform me in the first 2 weeks that you are unable to continue and we will refund your investment. The training programs are specially designed to maximise fat burning and conditioning and will be difficult and challenging and perhaps a shock to the system, so much so that it does not suit everyones idea of exercise. If that is you, just come and have a word in the first 2 weeks.

Q. How do reserve my place?
A. Click the Paypal button on the homepage. This will take you through the booking process and get you access to the members site as well. Pay attention after you have confirmed your place for details about what to bring and getting access to the members only community.

Payment is also accepted via BACS transactions and Direct Debit if you prefer. Contact me here and I will firstly reserve your place and then pass the details required to setup.

Q. What happens after 4 weeks?
A. Depending on the time of year, there will either be a week off or the next camp will start immediately. Dates will be posted on the site well in advance and notifications will be sent to all current members who have first priority and those on the mailing list.


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