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Who Else In Manchester Wants To Feel 7x Better About Their Shape, Health, Fitness And Energy Within 4 Weeks?


ABC Fitness Camp is a Unique Form of Group Personal Training, Designed To Burn Fat Fast While Dramatically Improving Your Health, Fitness and Energy Levels

Completely RISK FREE fitness bootcamp designed by one of the UK's leading body transformation experts to melt body fat from your stomach, bum, waist and thighs and transform your health on the inside as well...GUARANTEED!


From: Mike Bach at A.B.C. Fitness Camp, Didsbury, Manchester

Manchester Fitness Camp

Manchester Bootcamp

Welcome to ABC Fitness Camp

A Polite Warning: My Group Fitness Coaching Program is not for everyone… That’s not to sound vain but if you're one of those non-action takers who only thinks about the changes they want , enjoys whining, and complaining then my body toning, fat blasting, performance boosting workouts and online coaching program are not for you. However, if you are ready to be coached and can imagine what you would feel like to see your slim-toned body in the mirror as you easily slip into your skinny jeans and function through the day with more vitality and energyand are prepared to do something positive about it (no matter what you current level of fitness and experience is)... Then there are some questions that I want to ask you...


checkmark Do you wake up in the morning tired and lacking of any real energy?

checkmark Does your feeling of fatigue continue throughout the day and your concentration levels poor?

checkmarkDo your favourite clothes not fit as you would like them to? When you look in the mirror all you see are your wobbly bits around your stomach, love              handles, hips and thighs, you are self-conscious of them and disappointed         with your shape?

checkmarkHave you spent far too much money on gym memberships, DVD’s, books and fancy equipment that have promised much but delivered little to                      nothing? Does this leave you feeling FED UP and FRUSTRATED? Are              you spending too much time not getting resuts?

checkmarkDo you get out of breath sooner than you used to and find it hard to fight off cold symptoms?

checkmarkHave you fell out of love with programmed activity and need a new challenge?

checkmarkDo you feel like you are on a downward spiral and acknowledge there is no time to change and settle for the current status left feeling further                      dejected and isolated.?

checkmarkHave you continued with the same type of activity for months and not improved?

checkmarkAre you in need of a change to freshen up your activity and motivate you once again?

checkmarkDo you feel there must be a better way to get in great shape and have a better lifestyle than the one you currently have?

checkmarkAre you ready to embark on a results-based coaching system rather than the latest gimmick or marketing ploy?


ABC Fitness Camp

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then you have come to the right place.

It REALLY doesn't have to be like this at all!

You see, most people can relate to the frustrations and discomfort of the descriptions above relating to their health and fitness and how it then has an effect on their quality of life.

The good thing is that it does not have to be this way, what you have to do is change your approach in order to get the results that you can picture in your head.

Have you ever heard about a definition of insanity? It is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results! It’s crazy but it is true.

Have a think about what you may have tried in the past. Here are some of the failings that I have seen in the past, present and almost certainly in the future.



Long workouts are just not as effective

Examples of such low intensity workouts are jogging at the same pace for long periods, aerobic classes and spinning classes.

Don’t just take my word for it. Research does exist that looked at the effect of low intensity workouts done on a daily basis for 12 weeks and they showed no effect on body fat levels over dieting alone.

Not only that but they take up considerable time as well. So not only are the results lacking but you invest considerable time into the activity as well. On average our lifestyles and commitments are becoming more time consuming meaning that free time is at a premium more than ever before.
More importantly another study has shown that short, intense workouts are 9X MORE EFFECTIVE at melting fat than longer ones!

I recall one meeting in particular that I had with a guy who had spent one year performing these long drawn out workouts on cardio machines in a gym and became frustrated when he actually hadn’t lost any weight in all that time. While he felt fitter to some extent, it was frustrating that all that effort and guidance by the gym instructors had not lost any weight.

The main problem with this is that it is a traditional approach towards exercise used by many as unfortunately they do not know any better, leading to drop outs when no progress is made and a waste of time and money.

Using shorter, more intense workouts that work a larger proportion of the muscle tissue will increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat tissue across your body and save time in the process.

When the guy in question adopted this style of training in conjunction with a healthy nutrition plan, he lost 15lbs in 5 weeks and several inches around the hips. Compare that to 12 months with no progress!

Group Personal Training at ABC Boot Camp Manchester


Sit Ups and Crunches do not work

How many people want to see a more toned stomach area? That’s what I thought. One of the biggest myths in exercise is that doing lots of sit ups and crunches will do this. These isolated exercises will exert a force on some of the muscles around the waist region but do nothing to increase your metabolism and melt fat.

What’s more, numerous repetitions of mentioned exercises can harm you posture, back and function in the longer term.

This equals more wasted time and frustration with the effort that has been made.

While specific abdominal exercises can complement an athletic physique, far too many people will mistakenly use them in high volumes to try and burn fat.

Manchester Fitness Camp




Isolated exercises and the hazards of machines

When I am talking about isolated I do include the ones above that are concentrating on the waistline. The issues with isolated exercises are far more reaching though and especially take exception to the overuse of machines that you see in gyms.

Problems with isolated exercises are that they only work one section at a time, in some cases very minor areas that offers no great energy expenditure which means no creation of a fat burning environment.

The support of machines also means that you are not controlling yourself, creating weakness and imbalances within your structures that have an adverse effect on your health and ability to function and remain active. A lack of activity is obviously as unattractive as being active and doing stuff that offers no success.

If you can relate to any of these facts, not to worry, you are now on the road to success.

Before I tell you more on how I achieve this, here are a few stories on how my unique system has helped others in Manchester...


ABC Boot Camp Manchester "The gym does not even compare to the fitness camp  and the motivation I feel to go!"

"Workload pressures were starting to impinge on my motivation to do exercise and even play hockey as my free time seemed too precious and I was always felt shattered. I lost motivation to go to the gym and started to play less and less hockey, put on weight and felt like I had no energy.
A.B.C. Fitness Camp was recommended by a friend and I have now been attending the bootcamp in Didsbury for 3 months and I have to admit I love it.

The sessions are only 45 minutes so you feel you can push yourself really hard all the way through and make it to the end.  The sessions never feel that long as Mike changes them every time so they are always a bit different and always challenging!
In the first few weeks of bootcamp I lost weight and inches and have gained so many other positive outcomes from the boot camp such as my attitude at work is much more positive and I feel re-energised. My fitness at hockey has improved massively and I have regained my old position in centre midfield after spending last year in defence due to the increase in my fitness levels.
These improvements have been noted by many of my hockey colleagues and have even led to two of my team mates joining the camp recently.
I am so pleased with the improvements in my lifestyle now and owe a lot of that to Mike’s support and bootcamp regime, and even the other “campers”.
The gym does not even compare to this bootcamp and the motivation I feel to go.  I would never have believed that I would choose to get up at 6am to work out three times a week in a park over a lovely new (warm) gym with a pool but I am now cancelling my gym membership!"

Karen Foster - Didsbury - 31 - Head of Management Accounts, NHS

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "I feel like I have benefitted in so many ways...weight work life"

"I find that I've become happily addicted to ABC Fitness Camp. I feel like I've benefited in so many ways, there is the obvious weight loss and overall fitness. On top of this though, I honestly feel that I have more energy throughout the day and then enjoy a solid night's sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

On top of this, even though the demands and pressures of my job has always been the main reason for not committing to an exercise plan, it turns out that doing this camp with Mike has actually benefited my work life. Since starting I have noticed that my mind is sharper and I can concentrate easier, helping me devise concepts and make decisions a lot quicker, with more confidence. I actually feel that I've been getting more out of work and my company is getting more out of me over the last few months.
I would recommend the Boot Camp in Manchester to anyone who has the slightest interest in regaining their fitness, looking to improve their overall approach to health and well-being or even those who just want to stop their flabby bit wobbling when they run down the stairs!"

Simon Vaughn - Didsbury

qsqs  "I have more energy and staying power!"

"A.B.C. Fitness Camp has made a huge difference to my fitness level, and increased my feelings of well-being.

My work as a photographer is no longer as physical as it used to be. Most of my time, these days, is spent in front of a computer screen. I had noticed, along with my middle age spread (I am 57), I was getting more tired than I used to when working long hours on location, carrying heavy equipment. Since I have been doing Mike’s routines, I have more energy and more staying power. I’ve also dropped a trouser size, and wish I had not sent 16 pairs of old ones to the charity shop!

The sessions are vigourous and are over before you know it. There isn’t time to get bored."

Ian Cartwright - Caramel Photography - Cheadle

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "Group training is an excellent way to exercise and get  motivated"

"My first week of ABC Fitness Camp was challenging and I could feel some muscles aching that had been inactive for a while.  The boot camp is suitable for all ability levels as there is always a more challenging way to undertake the exercise (which becomes apparent just as you feel it may be getting easier).

I do believe that group personal training is an excellent way to exercise and get motivated.  It also allows you to push yourself against the fitter members of the group which provides better results and an improved training ethic while making friends along the way.
I definitely feel that boot camp has toned and firmed things up and combining this with the advice offered in the Nutrition Plan I have found I have lost weight without that been the main focus for doing the training in the first place.

I have specifically noticed that my core strength has improved which has resulted in less injuries and niggles when playing sport.
Exercising in the mornings in Didsbury is invigorating and has improved my productivity at work during the mornings with no cravings for coffee to get me through until lunch.
Mike offers the right level of motivation and encouragement during the sessions and is more than willing to offer help and advice in relation to exercise and nutrition for you to utilise outside of the sessions."

Jessica Stanley - Sale - 27 - Planning Surveyor

ABC Boot Camp Manchester "I am now seeing continuous results for my efforts"

"Your bespoke exercise plan has enabled me to lose well over a stone and a half, while being able to build on my muscle groups.

In addition your advice and guidance on dietary planning has been enviable and allowed me to satisfy my appetite without sacrificing my health. I have now been able to build upon the exercise plan that you’re developed from me and I am now seeing continuous results for my efforts."

Ian Whilby - Hale

ABC Boot Camp Manchester "I have become fitter, stronger and more confident!"

"Since starting work with Mike I have lost around 10 llbs in weight, and almost a stone in body fat. Most importantly for me though is that I feel invigorated again. I have great energy in the workplace and I find I am not jaded when it comes to mid morning or mid afternoon. I can play football or cricket with my son and not feel as though I am going to collapse. I have rediscovered my zest and my family and friends have been quick to point out that I appear to be “a changed person.” I now sleep well at night which I had not done for a long time.

With Mike’s close attention and his deep understanding of how to train properly and all the aspects associated with training and well being, I have achieved positive results. Mike has understood my lifestyle, my work pressures and has helped me alleviate some of the issues with his approach and technique.

I have become fitter, stronger and much more confident about myself.

I would recommend Mike Bach to anyone who wants to achieve results effectively and expediently."

Sergio Pani - Romiley - Ulysses Marketing And Promotions

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "We both feel fantastic...our feeling of well-being has far  exceeded out expectations"

"Overall my husband has lost one and a half stone and we have both toned up as a result. The best thing though is that we both feel fantastic, this has given us the boost we needed. We both have much more energy and our feeling of well-being has far exceeded our expectations"

Wendy Rabin - Romiley - Global Heat Save

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "I was amazed with the results!"

"Mike is a top class well qualified personal trainer who understands the time restraints of the working professional. He's a very knowledgeable guy and manages to get the most out of me each and every session that I could never do on my own. Highly recommended, I'd never worked with a personal trainer before and I was amazed with the results! "

Sam Adams - Didsbury - GMP

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "I have gone from a sluggish size 24 to an active size 14"

"If you are serious about your health and fitness, then Mike is the man for you. I was serious about my health and fitness, or lack of it, and he helped me. Our partnership has been extremely successful and over the last eighteen months and I have gone from being a sluggish size 24 to an active size 14."

Johanna Wild - Marple - Occupational Health Nurse Manager - Local Authority

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "Feeling the fittest I've been since my early 20's!"

"I’m feeling the fittest I’ve been since my early 20’s. When I compete in races, I now feel a lot fresher
towards the end and don’t have the aches the day after. This has also given me the confidence to take up some more active pastimes like mountain biking. In general it’s given me a more active lifestyle.

Mike’s knowledge in personal fitness is superb and knows just what exercises will achieve the desired result."

Steve Cheetham - Stockport

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "My energy levels and general well being are at a              constant  peak!"

"To date, I have lost over 2 stone in weight and that is all body fat and continuing to drop, my energy levels and general well being are at a constant peak. I also used to experience constant aches on my left knee for which I had been referred to physiotherapy, however Mike assessed it and recommended a stretching regime for my knees, which has made a world of difference and greatly relieved my pain to almost zero right now. I look good and feel great and this has given me confidence to pursue the active lifestyle I’ve always wanted."

Lucy Owar - Stockport

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "I have lost over 28lbs in body fat!"

"Since commencing I have lost over 28lbs in body fat (it’s now in the teens!), I have also increased my levels of strength enormously and improved my fitness levels dramatically. Mike has a way of pushing you to your limit and I know that when I am working out with Mike, I’ll have a really good work out and as well as having a laugh in the process."

Mark Watts - Chorlton

ABC Boot Camp Manchester  "My fitness and performance have improved tenfold!"

"I thought my knowledge of exercise and fitness was good. However Mike has introduced excellent new exercises and techniques and my my fitness and performance have improved tenfold. I no longer have the issues that I did with my hamstrings and my performance on the football pitch is noticeable in a large improvement.

I now realise that an individual will rarely push themselves to the maximum intensity without support. I now achieve this level because of the service that Mike offers and know that I would not have succeeded had it not been for Mikes help and expertise."

Graeme - Manchester City

ABC Boot Camp Manchester "Training with Mike led to a leaner body, better muscle      definition and improved levels of all round fitness!"

"I had trained for a number of years so felt I had a pretty good understanding of exercise techniques. I was soon to find out just how limited my knowledge was!

Training with Mike and led to a leaner body, better muscle definition and much improved levels of all round fitness.

Whatever your levels of fitness are, Mike has the background, skills and knowledge to help you improve."

Carl Burrel - Stockport


Take a moment to visualise how you would like to look and feel:

checkmarkFrom the moment you get out of bed in the morning, you are bursting with energy and thriving!

checkmarkYou look great in your fitted clothes and out of them - the wobbly bits are now tight and firm! You feel confident and starting shopping in all those                places you wanted to in the past but never had the self-esteem to try.

checkmarkFriends and colleagues comment on how well you look, that you indeed look younger

checkmarkYour new improved energy levels allow you to get more done and you perform better at work and in any sports you take part in. You're just so               much more productive FULL STOP!


A far stronger immune system meaning lessing colds and flu's as well!

checkmarkA smaller, firmer waistline and a leaner physique

checkmarkHuge improvements in your health and fitness


Manchester Bootcamp




Why A.B.C. Fitness Camp?

A.B.C. Fitness Camps are a form of Group Personal Training that enables like minded individuals get together to offer support and encouragement in a shared environment under the guidance of an expert.

I once read a great article on what a colleague of mine called “The Fifth Element”, that is what was the missing ingredient if all other things were in place and working that would ensure success when it came to getting results.

That ingredient for many was to become part of a social circle that included their peers and expert mentorship. This circle would provide accountability, role models, a positive environment, specialised knowledge, support and encouragement, mentoring and teaching.

Research has also shown that such environments offering social support and mentorship was associated with better results in weight loss.

Manchester Personal Trainer Mike BachMike Bach Personal Trainer

Nike Sponsored Trainer

The Physical Company

Hi, I'm Mike Bach, owner of A.B.C. Fitness Camp and I'm going to share with you all the ingredients it takes to burn fat fast by combining fast acting metabolic routines that melt fat, combined with the right food and drink that fuels your body for the day and gets results fast.  

Over time I have developed the M.A.G.I.C. system for my Personal Training clients in Manchester to bring unstoppable results for a variety of people across all ages, experience and backgrounds. Now there is nothing magical about what I do, it does not give you mysterious powers that will get you fitter than ever while eating pizza and ice-cream but it has helped countless others by giving them an honest, no BS approach to achieving fat loss that they did not know about because of the lies and poor support that is provided by a lot of gyms and the information they get fed and take for granted as correct.

I'm proud to say that by improving their physiques and fitness, lives have been changed for the better ranging from better confidence to a more successful working life to a happier home life to getting better results in their chosen sports.

I created A.B.C. Fitness Camp because I wanted to help more people achieve their transformation goals by using the same principles used with my 1-1 private training clients who pay up to 120 a coaching session by creating a unique Group Personal Training System that is also very motivational, supportive and will get results quicker than you have ever previously experienced!

Not only do I work with my own clients and members at Body Planner Fitness and A.B.C. Fitness Camp on these systems but I also act as a consultant and sponsored trainer for NIKE in helping them deliver the same principles to a wider audience again!

Some of my principles have also been published in what became a best-seller on Amazon...The Fit Formula!

As well as training my own coaches I also "train the trainers" from time to time as a master trainer for The Physical Company

With ABC Fitness Camp, here is a taste of what you can expect over a 4 week program

ABC Boot Camp Manchester A unique system of exercises and principles that produce short, intense workouts designed to melt body fat both duringand up to 48 hours after your sessions have completed. ‘Athletic Body Conditioning’ only uses             exercises and routines that get more out of your body in a shorter period         of time

ABC Boot Camp Manchester

A Nutrition Program that eliminates the need to count calories and starve yourself. Sure you'll lose weight in the beginning but all the evidence points to significant rebound effects  and weight gain because          it's unstustainable and lacks the nutirtion that the body craves. In this           program, nutrition and health comes first by giving the body what it              needs and in doing so allows massive fat burning potential without ever          going hungry!

ABC Boot Camp Manchester

Expertise from one of the UK's leading Body Transformation experts and team of coaches to answer all your questions and provide all the answers to help you progress more and more!

ABC Boot Camp Manchester

Further motivation from your peers! Many come to our programs regardless of the lower cost in relation to 1-1 personal training because they value the power of working in a group of men and women just like         themselves. Even the WAG's have preferred it!

ABC Boot Camp ManchesterA leaner physique and waistline with a firmer stomach

ABC Boot Camp ManchesterEnhanced flexibility with a better awareness of how your body moves and works.

ABC Boot Camp ManchesterGreater fitness and the ability to do more before getting out of breath. All levels of fitness and experience are taken into account offering levels to start and graduate to within a periodised trianing program over every         4 weeks to develop all elemnents of your fitness.

ABC Boot Camp ManchesterGreater overall strength allowing you to function better and prevent damaging aches and pains

ABC Boot Camp ManchesterLose fat in problem areas like the thighs, bum and stomach. Control your stress hormones and other problem hormone areas that have blocked your fat burning potential in the past. That means losing up to a         full stone, having more consistent energy levels and getting much better         sleep at night as well!



Real training principles, as if you were getting personal training from us

You will be receiving coaching from genuine personal trainers, qualified to the highest level. But qualifications are not important to you.

Results are!

You will be coached using the same systems that our 1-1 Personal Training members use. What does that mean?

You will be using the same proven methods to burn fat fast in minimal time, there is no holding back.

We want you to be as successful in your efforts as all of our personal training clients.

Manchester Group Personal Training

checkmark Your workouts will be done in 45 minutes

checkmarkExercises are selected to burn fat from your body FAST, not because they are the latest fad but because they are effective! You will save more           time by burning fat, toning muscle and developing a flat stomach all at                   once.

checkmarkJogging for long periods while having a conversation will not be on the menu

checkmarkThat goes double for sit-ups and crunches!

checkmarkNo isolation exercises – they are not useful for fat loss and a waste of time

checkmarkSystems and principles will be incorporated to still work every muscle in your body, speed up your metabolism and have you burning fat all day           long

checkmarkResults orientated, high intensity programs

checkmarkEncourage greater range of motion in movements to promote greater function outside of activity, improved flexibility and reduce chances of               injury.

checkmarkNo fad diets, just simple nutritional guidelines that support your fat burning workouts.

checkmark24/7 Support to answer questions, offer advice, provide accountability to ensure you progress and encouragement and motivation on tap!


If you have a negative relationship to exercise because you find it DULL and BORING, then our support, motivation and coaching will change that!           We're no circus clowns mind you but we do want to make sure that                          you have a great time and cannot wait to get back to the next session or               communicate with us on the members site

checkmarkDoing these simple things means that we can GUARANTEE RESUTS!




You get outstanding value for money!

This program will save you A TON of money compared to what it would cost you to become a private client of mine.

Four weeks of 1-1 coaching at 3 times a week would cost approximately 6-8 times what this program sells at. You would be paying at least 720!

Even if you went and visited a personal trainer at your local gym who doesn't guarantee results I'd expect you to be paying in excess of 400 for session time alone without any out of hours support!

So what is the investment?

You'll be glad to know that you will not pay anywhere close to my 1-1 exclusive coaching rates or even your local fitness club personal trainer rates!

Your investment to a leaner, healthier body and to experience a full months of our most effective, fat-melting, metabolism-smoking, fitness-enhancing workouts is only 99 for umlimited training that includes our peak times and 75 for our off-peak times! Less than a hundred quid at least for premier, second to none instruction from one of the UK's top trainers - with a 100% money back guarantee!

Just so you know, that's less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Fantastic Mike! How Do I Get My Place?

Are you ready to fire-up your metabolism and give your body the opportunity to burn lots of fat as energy?

Are you ready to say NO to fad diets that have no nutritional princples and don't work?

Are you ready to be part of a fun and motivational group of fitness campers?

Are you ready to give up on mundane, dull workouts?

Are you ready to register and get your body and health back?

Just click the register link below to get your spot at the next "transform your body" fitness camp before it's too late!

didsbury fitness

Where Is ABC Fitness Camp Located?

ABC Fitness Camp - Didsbury - Didsbury Park, Fog Lane Park and St Catherines RC Primary School

Unlimited gives a choice of ALL times

Pre-Work/Early Morning Camp Times - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 6-30AM - 7-15AM  - Fog Lane Park

After Work/Evening Camp Times - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 6-30PM - 7-15PM - St Catherines RC Primary School, School Lane.

Post School Run/Off Peak Only Times - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9-15AM - 10-00AM - Didsbury Park

(Registering for any Peak Time means unlimited sessions at any time - Mix morning and evening and also have the option off the Off-Peak as well)

ABC Boot Camp Manchester 
    Click Here to Register for Didsbury Unlimited

ABC Boot Camp Manchester
Click Here to Register for Didsbury Off Peak

6 Month Memberships are also available at a discounted/rewards rate for all venues and options for those committed to a healthy lifestyle! All the details are in the link below...

ABC Boot Camp Manchester


       Click Here to purchase any of the 6 Month Membership Schemes

Is there a catch then Mike?

Not in the slightest!

We are very upfront about what works and what does not work when it come to fat loss in the 21st Century and the current climate (average lifestyle) that we live in.

What maximises fat burning potential in a short space of time and enables you to maintain all the progress you make.

And as a result I can predict exactly how successful the system is when applied and reaping ALL the benefits

We know that if we just let you drop in and out of sessions when you "feel" like it you'll never get the results you desire? This is not a class or circuit training, it is a results orientated program.

I didn't develop the system to make things difficult for you - infact they are relatively simple in being able to follow but my experience KNOWS that this is the BEST way to accelerate fat loss, increase metabolism and develop lifelong healthy habits that will provide life changing results and experience.

To get the maximum out of the fitness camp we are looking for the following qualities in YOU!

checkmark Committed to getting results!


checkmarkWilling participant (at camp and on the members site) and ready to make changes in their training and nutrition habits

checkmarkA positive ‘I CAN’ attitude

checkmarkWilling to "lean" in to the difficulty of the workouts when things get tough. That goes double for any initial changes to your nutritional habits

checkmarkNot to shy away from a workout when the weather turns grey or wet (in Manchester?)


There are also only a limited number of places available on each group training program. We only allow a maximum of 30 members (based on average) per group. Anymore and we reduce the quality of programs that we are aiming to deliver to you.

So I strongly urge you to register today, only those that complete the online payment will have confirmed their place! Registration online will automatically close when the limits are met.


ABC Boot Camp GuaranteeYour 100% Satisfied Guarantee

I Don't Want Your Money
If You Are Not Happy With ABC Fitness Camp!

I am so confident that you will enjoy the program, and see a dramatic improvement in the way you look and feel, and have a blast doing it, that I am offering you a full risk free guarantee.

Attend the first month of training with us and if it is NOT bringing results we will not keep a penny!

Fair enough? Thats how much I trust this program and the results it brings!

ABC Boot Camp Manchester

       Didsbury Unlimited

ABC Boot Camp Manchester

       Didsbury Off Peak

So time for a quick recap of the benefits that membership to ABC Fitness Camp offers...

checkmark 540 minutes of the finest training in the UK and 24/7 coaching support away from the training sessions

checkmark Fat burning workouts designed irrespective of your current ability - there are levels and every 4 weeks is periodised meaning they develop as each course goes on and           a guaranteed way to make more progress in a month and ongoing for regular                           members. While the term bootcamp will be used to put ABC Fitness Camp into a                   category, it is not military and it is not intimidating! Far from these sterotypes, ABCFC           is designed to provide as many of the benefits that personal training provides within               reason. We know the differance between coaching and beasting!

checkmarkEffective workouts designed to fit into a busy lifestyle

checkmarkFlexibility and Mobility routines that can take you anywhere. Extra training sessions

checkmarkA fantastic team building environment and motivational training sessions 3 times a week (or more if you want!)

checkmarkAccess to one of the UKs leading fat loss and performance experts

checkmarkAccess to a private members only site with articles, blogs, forums, videos and much more.


As part of your time on Athletic Body Conditioning Fitness Camp you will also include these valuable bonuses. 

ABC Fitness Camp Bonus 1: Full access to The Body Planner Elimination Plan And Nutrition Systems (worth 200).

You will get the exact same nutrition program that we use with all out 1-1 Personal Training clients that includes information on what to eat and what not to eat as well as grocery list and meal ideas and many other tips. This plan alone has been used to melt over 14 pounds of fat in a month and contains no silly diet regimes or pills, just real food, no hunger and lots and lots of vitality and energy!

Bootcamp Manchester

ABC Fitness Camp Bonus 2: Unlimited access to the Athletic Body Conditioning MEMBERS ONLY Community site (worth 200).


fitness camp manchester

(a screen shot of the ABC Fitness Camp Members Only Homepage)

bootcamp manchester
(one feature of being a member are extra workouts each month or to go to if you have to miss an appointment for any reason)

ABC Fitness Camp is a lot more than a series of workouts. We understand that maintaining adherence and results means taking action on a regular basis so having access to powerful training strategies goes a long way towards that.

Via the private, members only site you will get access to further tools and resources on nutrition, home workouts, mobility and stretching as well as access to your coach to ask questions.

We are also keen to gather a large group of likeminded individuals just like you who are passionate about health and fitness. We understand that a community of aspiring health and fitness enthusiasts can support, motivate and help one another while having a bit of a laugh at the same time in a positive environment.

The "ABC Fitness Camp Community" site is now up and running. This is like Facebook, but a closed door inner circle community just for you guys on ABC Fitness Camp.

On the community will be forums, videos, personal blogs, images as well as being able to grill your trainer and some special secret bonuses are also planned on a regular basis including e-books on exercise, nutrition and mindset and interviews.

You'll be sent an invitation to join the group as soon as you register.


ABC Fitness Camp Bonus 3: FREE 30 Minute Consultation (worth 50)

We will arrange a time to discuss your progress and any questions you have on a 1:1 basis over the phone. Have all your questions ready, this is your time to ask the expert! You will always have support as required via our members site and time to ask any questions before and after any training session but this is an ideal opporutnity to get some personal time with one of the leading coaches in the UK and get tailored responses to your questions and requests.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.


Your friend,

Mike Bach Personal Trainer Manchester

Mike Bach
Athletic Body Conditioning Fitness Camp

Plan For Better Results.

P.S. Remember that your success is 100% guaranteed. If you decide that ABC Fitness Camp is not for you, I will refund your money.

Now who is taking all the risk?

P.P.S. 30 days from now you can either be a month older and possibly a pound or two heavier, remaining tired and unfit or you can be quite a few pounds lighter, with inch loss around your waist and 30 days closer to your health and fitness goals.

You decide which one you would rather be a month from now.

P.P.S. It’s better to invest less than 3 a day to transform your body, fitness and health than spend hundreds of in BIGGER clothes and REACTING to health issues. Don't let the next 6 months be the same as the last 6 months - with our proven fat loss formula you can really get more inch loss and rapid body transformation very quickly. This will work for you!

P.P.P.S. We go by start dates instead of join anytime to ensure the best group coaching as well as maximising your personal progress and experience. Each month there are always disappointed enquiries from those that hesitated too long. Once we go past the start date, no new members will be accepted.

Don't be one of those left disappointed on missing out on the most comprehensive group coaching program in Manchester.

Start making time for your health and fitness now and making plans for a leaner, fitter you.

I hope every question that could be answered about what ABC Fitness Camp is all about has been but also see our FAQ page for other answers or Call Us on 07977 573 866 or contact via email with any questions.

* Register at anytime and we will get you started immediately on the coaching and members site to start making progress right away. Because each 4 week program is designed using principles that maximise progress for both new and existing more experienced members, it is wise that new members wait for week one of the upcoming program.


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